Bullet Journaling

5 Things to Get You Started in Bullet Journaling.  

Bujo, or bullet journaling is a world that I was born for.

I was first introduced to bullet journaling (sort of) in August, when I was vacationing in Hawaii visiting my boyfriend’s family. His sister was doing something called bullet journaling on the dining room table and I was amazed. At the time I never thought that I could do anything like it.

It all made sense now, I’ve always walked into stores wondering what the heck people use those dotted journals for. Ahhh.

Now if it’s something that you’ve been thinking of, let me tell you – its easier than it looks. Doesn’t mean its super easy though. Haha – you will get to know me well over the course of my blog if you choose to follow me. Sometimes I don’t make the most sense. I’ve only been doing it for a month or two now, but let me give you some tips.

Get yourself a practice journal

Don’t start off fancy. You’ll probably make a few mistakes, or crinkle some pages (I can’t be the only one in the world bothered by this right?) but there are some perfectly great affordable bujos to get you started. Go to Amazon, or even your local craft store to see what they offer. Bigger name book stores like Barnes and Nobles will carry them, but at a higher price tag. Baby steps.

Here’s a link to a great priced one on Amazon: Lemome Dotted Bullet Journal

We actually have two of these at home, I managed to get my SO into keeping a journal (that I make up for him) with all of his organizational needs. It’s got quite thick pages – and perforated edges for those beginner bullet journal mistakes we all are bound to make.

Get some basic supplies.

You don’t want to embark on your journey with just a pen and book and go. You’re going to want to have the right supplies. Check out my blog post coming soon on some Bujo essential items to have on hand- you can find some great deals on Amazon again, I actually bought a set that came with almost everything I needed.

Fake it until you make it

Do a search on bullet journaling on Pinterest or Instagram and your inspiration choices are endless. I started several boards on bullet journaling inspiration and refer back to it if I run out of ideas on what to do. Eventually, with practice you’ll start coming up with your own ideas. Keep in mind though that a lot of the times these are people’s original artwork. If you decide to use it for inspiration and post it on your social- reach out and ask if you can, and give them some credit. From my experience as a new bullet journal…er (?) everyone has been super nice about it!

Practice your hand-lettering

Hand-lettering is actually a whole world on its own. People use it for bullet journaling, paper-crafting (Making homemade cards, canvases, etc) but this is the part that can be quite tricky. It takes a lot of practice, and the right materials. I still have yet to perfect this.

Post your pictures on your social

And hashtag! Find some trending bullet journaling hashtags and you will soon grow your social accounts, and you’ll also be able to find some other bullet journal inspirations. Most importantly have fun! Comment below if you have a social you want me to check out, I’m always looking to connect with more people! The photo used in the above picture is from a instagram account I started following recently – I have loved all of of his posts so far, and he is talented! Make sure to follow him if you are needing some inspiration.

Check him out at Vincendit on IG.

Also feel free to leave your own tips in the comments below if you’ve been doing for a while, and would just like to give a newbie some advice! And be sure to follow. New content weekly ♥ Follow my blog on Bloglovin’ here



  • Shani Moushon

    I have a blog about scrapbooking and bullet journals are a good compliment. I am planning to start a personal bullet journal, due to my health issues. Thank you for both of these posts and I will be back to check out what you have coming next.

    • adorkasaurusrex

      Thank you for the comment Shani! Please let me know what your blog is. I would love to see it! And thank you, I will try to keep sending out quality content

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