Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling – The Essentials

So…you want to get into bullet journaling. Well you have come to the right place. Below I’ve compiled a few of my favorite things to get you started. Most of these things I’ve personally used before, and some of them are just everyday stationary items. (so in other words, things that will come in handy if you are a student- and an avid notetaker like I am.

A Bullet Journal

A bullet journal, or sometimes called a dotted journal has blank pages with dots in a grid like system. It’s great for artists who like to really personalize what they keep in their journal, but also for those that like to add a bit of artwork into it. You can used all types of mixed media in these, including making your own little mini scrapbook if that’s what you want. The possibilities are endless. I love this two pack found here. For beginners this is great, because of the spiral bound, you can actually rip out the pages out very easily (I can’t be the only one…right?)

Here’s another link to a starter set that actually comes with mostly everything in one! I recently stumbled across this set that comes with a journal, stencils, fineliners, and some Washi tape! Click here to see it, a great option for any beginner, or anyone really. (It may or may not be sitting in my amazon shopping cart as we speak)

Some basic stationary supplies.

Start with the basics. Having a couple of black pens on hand for outlining is going to be necessary. I highly recommend these ones from Muji – they are my favorite everyday pens, and I always keep a little stock of them at home. If you are so lucky to live close to an actual Muji store- be sure to check it out. I usually pre-sketch my more difficult designs in pencil, so having a mechanical or a #2, as well as an eraser around is also going to come in handy. I also like having a clear ruler. Being able to see through it ensures you have things lined up just the way you want, and have a little bit of correction fluid too handy too. I was super wary of using it for the first time but it isn’t super noticeable if you are careful.

Highlighters, fineliners, brush pens and the list goes on…

Okay so you probably don’t want to be spending an extreme amount of money, and there are so many options out there. If you are serious about hand-lettering, brush pens are a must. I use it for a ton of my headers so check out your local craft store. Tombow is a trusted brand for great brush pens. Zebra mildliners are also a good brand to go for. They are all twin tipped – one highlighter style tip, and one slightly more fine tipped one for coloring and lettering. You can find them at Walmart, and Target but I actually picked up this sweet deal on here on Amazon that comes with 2 bonus black calligraphy pens that can be used for lettering.


Personally, I cannot draw stars for whatever reason, and I definitely do not regret purchasing a circle stencil – but if you have a lid of mason jar lying around they also work great! I recently stumbled across these cute little packs that cost no more than $3 at Walmart by Pen & Gear. They come in little variety packs of 8 sheets, so you’ll be sure to find some that you like. (I obviously picked the ones with the stars.)

Besides that all you need is just a quiet little space for you to journal your little heart away. My set up is on my little work space with my laptop in front of me for endless Pinterest inspirations. If you think I’ve missed anything, comment below- or just feel free to say hi! Comments & new connections are always welcome here!


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