All about me.

Twentynine, and yet I still feel 5 years old sometimes.

RN student studying in WA, USA. Originally from Vancouver, Canada. Obsessed with stationary. Can be found mostly around food. Kind of a nerd. (I feel like everyone says that, but ya’ll should see our Funko collection) Avid, avid crafter. Check out my Etsy shop if you get a chance!

My Etsy Shop – Olivia and Jae

I started blogging in 2019. I am currently interested in connecting with other bloggers, crafters and really anyone. I apparently have no problem connecting with random strangers on the internet but the idea of striking up a conversation with one in real life scares the heck out of me.

We move around a lot. My boyfriend serves in the military so our life together is going to be a really interesting one- traveling all over, getting to call each place home for a little while. I hope that we get to settle down in beautiful Hawaii. That’s the dream, right? I’ll let you know how that goes – Hawaii food bloggers – I’m looking at you to reach out to me! Haha I’ve been several times over my lifespan, and my lucky SO is originally from there, so…well- he sucks.

Give me a follow, and I promise you – I will try to deliver the best content my little heart can pump out. I’ll try to update on IG and twitter along with my blog posts!

Instagram – adorkasaurusrex